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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Unauthorized profit by the fiduciary: a personal or proprietary remedy?Fumeaux, Morgane
2015Reform on establishing a non-refoulement claim in Hong Kong's refugee screening system: difficulties and suggestionsChan, Wing Shan Fiona (陳詠珊)
2016The rising trend of global jihadism in Asia: understanding the realization of a mythTam, Hey Juan Julian (譚希晉)
2014A critical evaluation of methods for the calculation of interest rate under Article 78 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”)Leung, Sze Lum (梁思臨)
2013A comparative analysis on the avoidance of contract under CISG and PICCLeung, Sze Lum (梁思臨)
2014The human rights violations involved in the policing of demonstrations in Hong KongHui, Man Nok (許珉諾)
2013Time for change: no more gender specific and sexual orientation approach under the law on sexual offences in Hong KongHo, Tsui Yee Isabella (何趣儀)
2014The issue of subdivided units in Hong Kong: licensing as a solution?Chung, Kai-Tai Wallace (鍾啓泰)
2013Stalking the cyberstalkers in Hong KongJAY, Anita Ka-Yan (謝家茵)
2013Mediation in mainland China and Hong Kong: Can they learn from each other?Lee, Jeffrey Kwun-Lun (李冠倫)
2013To what extent should the Bolam test be applicable to the cases of clinical trials? What should be the right direction of the law?Tang, Kin Man (鄧健敏)
2012Is Hong Kong’s Special Stamp Duty constitutional?Koo, Franklin (顧偉傑)
2012Legality of use of force in Libya under international lawChan, Ka Hang Louie (陳嘉恒)
2012A comparative analysis of the mutual recognition and enforcement regime of arbitral awards and public policy as a refusal ground in Greater ChinaTo, Chi Chung Dennis (杜志聰)
2012The potential challenges of digital technology markets to Hong Kong's competition law (or the other way around)Sin, Long (單朗)
2012Corporate governance through disclosure: Inspection of company records by shareholders in Hong KongLi, Fun Chin (李寬展)
2012Anti-trokosi campaign: Proposals for the re-formulation of legislative solutionsKo, Cindy Tsz-nga (高子雅)
2012Regulating undercover agents’ operations and criminal investigations in Hong Kong: What lessons can be learnt from the United Kingdom and South AustraliaChen, Yuen Tung Eutonia (陳宛彤)
2012A comparative commentary and review of the methods and consequences of police interrogation of citizensBrar, Harprabdeep Singh
2011Personal data protection in Hong Kong: Problems and solutionsChiu, Ka Min Peter (趙嘉銘)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47