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Title: Transmission characteristics of long-period waveguide grating couplers
Authors: Bai, Yukun
Chiang, Kin Seng
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Award: Won the Certificate of Merit in the The 3rd Regional Inter-University Postgraduate Electrical & Electronic Engineering Conference (RIUPEEEC) organized by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in 2005.
Subjects: Coupled-mode theory
Long-period gratings
Optical couplers
Optical filters
Optical waveguides
Type: Article
Abstract: We use the coupled-mode theory to analyze the transmission spectra of a coupler consisting of two parallel uniform or non-uniform long-period waveguide gratings (LPWGs) and highlight the conditions for achieving 100% coupling efficiency with uniform LPWGs. We also investigate the effects on the transmission characteristics of the coupler due to various forms of non-uniformity along the LPWGs. LPWG couplers can be used to realize stable and efficient broadband add/drop multiplexers and serve as building blocks of new waveguide-based coupling devices.
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