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Title: Design of wideband table-shaped reconfigurable antennas
Authors: Yang, Steven Shing Lung (楊承隆)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Award: Won the Second Runner-up (Postgraduate Section) in Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong Younger Members Exhibition/Conference 2006 organized by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.
Supervisor: Prof. Luk, Kwai Man
Subjects: Wideband antennas
Reconfigurable antennas
Antenna radiation patterns
Microstrip antennas
Type: Article
Abstract: By supporting an L-probes coupled circular patch antenna with four metallic posts at appropriate locations, it is demonstrated that different radiation modes can be operated at the same frequency across a wide bandwidth. Owing to the table like structure of the antenna, it is called “Table-shaped Antenna”. The antenna is re-configurable in radiation patterns when suitable switching feed network is applied. This paper demonstrated three antennas, with different reconfigurable radiation modes, base on the structure of Table-shaped Antenna, which include: conical and broadside radiation, conical and dual-linearly polarized radiation, and conical and circularly polarized radiation. These antennas have the advantages of simple structure, wideband and with multiple applications, which is an excellence candidate for future mobile communication systems.
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