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Title: Underwater sampling vehicle
Authors: Chan, Justin Yiu Ting (陳耀庭)
Department: Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
Issue Date: Aug-2006
Award: Won the Top Prize (University Category) and Final Championship in the Technology, Environmental Protection and Innovation Competition (科學、環保、創作 比賽) organized by Metro City in 2006.
Supervisor: Dr. Luk, Bing Lam; Dr. Liu, Louis King Pui
Type: Presentation
Abstract: The underwater sampling vehicle can sample the sea water near coral reefs using some sampling tools such as the so called semipermeable membrane device(SPMD) in an innovative way. In comparison with the traditional way of applying SPMD by putting the sampling device in the sea passively for water sampling, the new application is considered to be more target-orientated. On the other hand, the application of the underwater sampling vehicle is more effective in sampling the poisonous substances near coral reefs.
Remarks: The Institutional Repository only contains the News announcement
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