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Title: System analysis of Lion Hill IT Consulting Firm
Authors: Chen, Cyril Yun Kai
Qiu, Jay Jie (邱杰)
Lau, Vincent Tsz Hin (劉子軒)
Tang, Mike Kwok Ho (鄧國豪)
Department: Department of Accountancy (Chen, C.); Department of Information Systems (Qiu, J.); Department of Marketing (Lau, V.; Tang, M.)
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Award: Won the Silver Prize in the 5th Business Plan Competition (第五屆挑戰盃飛利浦中國大學生創業競賽) organized by Ministry of Education (教育部), Communist Youth League of China (中國共青團), China Association for Science and Technology (中國科學技術協會), and All-China Students' Federation (中華全國學生聯合會) in 2006.
Supervisor: Dr. Ho, Michael Moon Tong; Mr. Tham, Alex Koy Siong
Type: Article
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