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Title: Unidirectional antenna composed of a planar dipole and a shorted patch
Authors: Wong, Hang (黃衡)
Luk, Kwai Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Wong, H.; Prof. Luk K. M.)
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Award: Wong Hang won the Top Prize (Student Category) in the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference 2006.
Subjects: Dipole
Shorted patch
Wideband antenna
Low cross-polarization
Low back radiation
Type: Article
Abstract: A wideband unidirectional antenna composed of a planar dipole and a shorted patch antenna is presented. The antenna is excited by a Γ-shaped strip feed line. A wide impedance bandwidth of 43.8% (SWR≤1.5) from the frequency of 1.85 to 2.89 GHz is achieved. Stable radiation pattern with low cross-polarization, low backlobe radiation, nearly identical E-and H-plane patterns and an antenna gain of ~8dBi is found across the entire operating bandwidth.
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