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Title: Cyber composer
Authors: Kwong, Belton
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Prof. Ip Horace. First Reader: Mr. Chan Keith. Second Reader: Ms. Mong Florence
Abstract: Cyber Composer generates music according to hand motions of the users. This system can be said to be a new kind of music instrument or a cyber instrument, because no actual instruments are involved during the course of music creation. Many music theories are behind the scene so that the users do not have to worry about the music theories. What they need to do is just to wear a pair of gloves and move around, beautiful music will be generated according to their hand motions. Therefore, this system is suitable for both musicians and music laymen. Cyber Composer can be used in fields of performance, composing, entertainment, education as well as psychotherapy. Since the mappings of the hand motions and gesture to musical expressions are designed as intuitive as possible, the users can learn easily and quickly. Even those who do not have music background can create music with ease. Moreover, there is no real music instruments involved. Therefore, it is suitable for professional performance, music creation and also entertainment. This project can be involved in psychotherapy as well. Psychologists can measure emotions, intensions, and reactions of the patients when they are using the Cyber Composer. With these recorded and annotated data, the psychologists can investigate the thinking and logics of the patients.
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