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Title: Real time 3D computer game (characteristic, emotion and behavior simulation)
Authors: Wong, Chi Leung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Lau, Rynson W H. First Reader: Wong, Helena. Second Reader: Mong, Florence
Abstract: Currently almost every computer game applies the 3D technology. Whatever it is a first person shooting game or real time strategy game, or even an board chess game also take use of this technique to render a 3D chess. Obviously, it becomes a very popular topic in real time 3D game development. A real time 3D computer game basically is a computer game which consist of some three dimensional rendering in real time. In such kind of game, usually player will control a 3D character and interact with the other objects in the virtual environment. Beside of the 3D issue, a computer game also needs other techniques like input control, collision detection, physical calculation and artificial intelligent. This project is aim to develope a real time 3D computer game that can show the features that mentioned before. In this project, I will firstly have a brief introduction on my objectives. Then I will show you the surveys that I did around this topic. After that, I will have a implementation, explanation and some analysis. Finally there is a summary of achievements and some possible extensions in this project.
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