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Title: Out-of-phase power divider based on double-sided parallel strip line
Authors: Chen, Jianxin (陳建新)
Xue, Quan (薛泉博士)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Award: Chen Jianxin won the Best Paper Award in the Microwave and Millimetre-wave Symposium of China (全國微波毫米波會議)orgainized by Microwave Sector of Chinese Institute of Electronics (China) (中國電子學會微波分會) in 2007.
Subjects: Power divider
double-sided parallel-strip line (DSPSL)
Type: Article
Abstract: A novel out-of-phase power divider based on the double-sided parallel-strip line (DSPSL) is proposed. The proposed power divider has a relative bandwidth of about 100%. The out-of-phase characteristic between the two output ports is frequency independent, which is suitable for various applications of wide bandwidth. In addition, the characteristic impedance of the transmission lines for the input and output is , and it allows easy integration with other microwave components. The proposed power divider is demonstrated and verified. The experimental results are presented and show good performance.
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