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Title: Dance education system
Authors: Chan, Jacky Chun Pong (陳振邦)
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: Jan-2008
Award: Won the Bronze Award and the Certificate of Merit (Best Development) in the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (HKICT) Awards 2007
Supervisor: Dr. Howard Leung
Type: Software
Abstract: A dance education system that works with a marker-based motion capture system was built to enable students to learn dancing without presence of teachers. The system combines motion capture technology and OpenGL animations to provide students an intelligent and effective learning environment. Students can watch demonstrations of different dance motions performed by virtual teachers. Also, the system can show students their errors in dance performance immediately through analysis of real-time motion data captured. Survey results showed that most users agreed that our proposed system can help them to learn dancing efficiently. Experiment results showed that feedback given by our system can assist students to get improvement in dance learning.
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