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Title: Web-based Chinese Handwriting Education System
Authors: Li, Ka Ki (李家麒)
Tang, Jeff Kai Tai (鄧啟泰)
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: Jan-2008
Award: Won the Certificate of Merit (Social and Spiritual Wellbeing) under the Best Lifestyle category in the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (HKICT) Awards 2007
Supervisor: Dr. Howard Leung
Type: Software
Abstract: Nowadays many children are familiar with the Internet and have experience in various computerized activities. We apply multimedia technologies and intelligent pattern analysis to provide a revolutionary way of learning Chinese handwriting outside the traditional physical classroom. With our system, children can practice handwriting whenever they want and can obtain automatic analysis about their handwriting so that they know immediately if they make mistakes and exactly where the mistakes are. In addition, training games are designed to motivate children to learn handwriting. Our system would encourage children to utilize the web-technology and the Internet for improving their Chinese handwriting skill in the daily life. It also provides a platform for parents and teachers to monitor the progress of the children.
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