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Title: Multidimensional Self-Concept of Proactively Aggressive Adolescents and Reactively Aggressive Adolescents in Hong Kong
Authors: Yuen, Man Yan (袁汶茵)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2007
Course: SS4708
Programme: BSocSc Psychology
Supervisor: Dr. Fung Lai Chu, Annis
Subjects: Self-perception in adolescence -- China -- Hong Kong.
Aggressiveness in adolescence -- China -- Hong Kong.
Violence in adolescence -- China -- Hong Kong.
Abstract: Present study aimed to investigate (1) the correlation between two types of aggression (proactive and reactive aggression) and multidimensional self-concept; (2) the differences between proactive and reactive aggressors in multifaceted self-concept; and (3) the trend of school bullying in Hong Kong. Present study was conducted by both quantitative research (N= 1618) and qualitative interview (N= 39). Results showed significant correlation between two types of aggression and most of the domains of self-concept. Self-concept would vary according to the variation of the frequency of proactive and reactive aggression. Proactive aggressors possessed higher self-concept in the relationship with opposite sex peers and in physical appearance than reactive aggressors. Males and students in lower Form (especially Form 2) were more aggressive than females and students in higher Form in the school context of Hong Kong.
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