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Title: Rethinking the relationship between the WTO and international human rights
Authors: Gao, Pengcheng (高鵬程 )
Department: School of Law
Issue Date: 2009
Course: LW6702 Globalization and Law
Programme: MPhil Law
Instructor: Prof. Yogesh Tyagi
Subjects: World Trade Organization
Human rights
Abstract: Nowadays, the issue concerning the relationship with international human rights is increasingly forwarded under the WTO regime. To take the WTO as the very subject matter is because of its predominant role in the international commerce and its penetration into the national sovereignty. Taking into consideration of international human rights values and rules can influence the decision making even rule drafting in the WTO. The effects could be arguably advantageous or detrimental. However, setting aside lengthy value debates, the relationship between the WTO and international human rights are not imaginary but already an objective existence. It is taken for granted that there may be theoretical hurdles to perform a human rights way of thinking. But the practical evolution has paved the road for possible analyses. This article especially underscores discovering every likely situation where relationships can be established between the WTO and international human rights and addressing underlying issues. The investigations are under the direction of a theme that any pertinence should be genuinely in place. In addition to leaving the authority in hands of the WTO’s dispute resolving body and suggesting cooperation among international organizations, the article emphasizes an orderly development of this matter and opposes and strives to avoid arbitrary and deliberate expansion of the relationship as well.
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