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Title: Weblogging: a study of social computing and its impact on organisations
Authors: Ip, Rachael Kwai Fun (葉桂芬)
Prof.Wagner, Christian
Department: Department of Information Systems
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Award: Won the Citation of Excellence Award from the Emerald Management Reviews in 2009.
Subjects: Weblog (blog)
Virtual community
Social computing
Need–technology fit
Abstract: This article reviews weblogs and their role as a social networking device for young people and its probable evolution to the organizational computing medium. The motivation of young webloggers, based on an analysis of 33 interviews, and the evaluation of the fit between technology features and the needs of these webloggers are reported. Four user types with their unique profiles and technology needs, and a needs–technology fit model, are described. The findings support the conjecture that organizational computing will (or should) take advantage of employees' social computing expertise and acceptance and to further capture the attention of customers.
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