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Title: Knowledge and web based timetabling system
Authors: Lam, Sau Yin
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. L F Kwok. First Reader: Dr. Cleve Ku. Second Reader: Dr. Andy Chun
Abstract: School timetabling is known as tedious and time consumption process. Nowadays, there are many commercial products can facilitate secondary school timetabling; however, very few products are suitable in Hong Kong secondary school. In addition, due to the product cannot produce a user satisfied timetable, it is still uncommon to use the computer aided timetabling system. In this project, it aims to develop an automatic timetabling system in order to maximize the completion rate of allocation. Heuristic function is used to prioritize the lesson assignment, and constraint relaxation is applied, in order to achieve the optimization for timeslot allocation. To provide system feasibility, users are allowed to enter the constraints control values and indicate their preferences. Furthermore, interactive interface is provided for user to handle the lesson unassignment in a convenient way, so that user can do the job more easily. At the end, the performance of the timetable is evaluated with different implementation approaches. The testing data is a genuine data set from a 24-class grammar secondary school. It is found that the system can deal with large scale timetabling data and maintain 93+% timeslot completion.
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