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Title: Equity Valuation - Hopewell Holdings 54 HK: End of the Tunnel
Authors: Ai, Tom Zhongcheng (艾仲承)
Chan, Thomas Kwun Wa (陳冠華)
Lam, Daniel Yik Chun (林益進)
Qin, Monica Xue Lu (秦雪璐)
Department: Department of Economics and Finance
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Course: EF4300 Project
Programme: BBA (Hons) in Finance / BBA (Hons) in Business Economics
Instructor: Dr. LIM Kok Chew
Award: Won the 2nd Runner-up prize in the HKSFA University Investment Research Competition 2009-10 organized by the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts in 2009
Subjects: Hopewell Holdings Ltd. -- Evaluation
Corporations -- Valuation -- China -- Hong Kong
Investment analysis
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