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Title: Dynamics analysis and closed-loop control of biological cells in transportation using robotic manipulation system with optical tweezers
Authors: Hu, Songyu (胡松鈺)
Prof. Sun, Dong
Chair Prof. Feng, Gary Gang
Department: Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Award: Won the 2010 SLAS Young Scientist Award from the 6th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering.
Supervisor: Prof. Sun, Dong
Subjects: Cell Manipulation
Precision Engineering
Type: Article
Abstract: Increasing demands for both accuracy and productivity in cell manipulation highlight the need for automated process that integrates robotics and micro manipulation technologies. Optical tweezers, which use low power laser beams to trap and manipulate particles at micro/nano scale, have provided a revolutionary solution to manipulate biological objects in a noninvasive way. In this paper, we propose to use a robot-tweezer manipulation system for automatic manipulation of biological cells. Dynamics equation of the trapped cell during the movement is analyzed. A closed-loop controller is designed for cell transportation. Experiments are performed on the live cells to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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