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Title: Aspect-oriented sentiment analysis on video game reviews in Chinese
Authors: Leung, Hoi Tik (梁凱迪)
Department: Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
Issue Date: 2010
Course: CTL4235 Project
Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In Linguistics and Language Technology
Instructor: Dr. Kwong, Oi Yee Olivia
Subjects: Video games -- Reviews.
Chinese language -- Psychological aspects.
Language and emotions.
Abstract: This project develops a system for aspect-oriented sentiment analysis on video game reviews in Chinese. The system focuses on the major tasks of sentiment analysis: identification of subjective linguistic units and targets of sentiments, evaluation of the polarity of sentiments and summarization of sentiments. The proximity between intensifiers and opinion words and that between opinion words and keywords of aspects of video games are major clues to handle the tasks. The output of the system is a summary of a reviewer‟s opinions on the relative quality of various aspects of a reviewed game. Despite the fair performance of the system, future directions for its improvement are identified and discussed.
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