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Title: A Press Council in Hong Kong - The Long Term Solution for Press Freedom against Privacy Intrusion
Authors: Lam, Ho Yan (林浩恩)
Department: School of Law
Issue Date: 2010
Course: LW4635 Research Paper
Programme: Bachelor of Laws with Hons
Instructor: Prof. Sharma, Rajesh
Subjects: Press councils -- China -- Hong Kong.
Freedom of the press -- China -- Hong Kong.
Privacy, Right of -- China -- Hong Kong.
Abstract: This paper will examine the conclusion given by the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission in 2004, that Hong Kong should set up a statutory Press Council with legal power, to resolve the issue of privacy invasion. However, the Government has not responded to this proposal. Precedents, the current regulating systems and Press Councils from other parts of the world would be examined through a comparative approach, with specific reference to Hong Kong law, to explore whether there is a necessity to do so. If so, since there is a dearth of discussion on this subject matter, suggestions on the composition and the powers given would be provided as to the future development of the Press Council in Hong Kong.
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