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Title: The early detection of mutated genes that can cause colorectal cancer
Authors: Chen, Yin (陳寅)
Xu, Xiaoya (徐小雅)
Zhang, Wenping (張文平)
Department: Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (Chan Yin); Department of Computer Science (Xu Xiaoya); Department of Information Systems (Zhang Wenping)
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Award: Won the First Class Award in the 7th National Postgraduate Mathematics Contest in Modelling organized by the Contest committee in 2010
Subjects: gene mutation identification
Oncogene Selection
image processing
Type: Article
Abstract: In this paper, F-Scores methodology and image processing are used to prove a characterization of the Oncogene Selection. We have experiments result of Correct Rate of F-scores, and illustrate experiment result of Oncogene Selection model. This result extends two recent characterizations of feature selection for gene to diagnose Cancer which perform as well, if not better, than other assessment characteristic for colorectal cancer classification.
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