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Title: Path Planning for 3D Transportation of Biological Cells with Optical Tweezers
Authors: Ju, Tao (鞠涛)
Liu, Shuang (劉爽)
Yang, Jie
Sun, Dong
Department: Dept. of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, CityU and Dept. of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation, USTC (Ju Tao); Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, CityU (Liu Shuang, Prof. Sun Dong); Dept. of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation, USTC (Prof. Yang Jie)
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Award: Won the Best Paper in Automation award at The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics (IEEE ICAL 2011) organized by IEEE ICAL committee.
Supervisor: Prof. Sun, Dong
Subjects: cell transportation
optical tweezers
3D path planning
Type: Article
Abstract: Manipulation of biological cells has recently drawn tremendous attention for its wide applications in biomedical fields such as cell-cell interaction, drug discovery, and tissue engineering. This paper presents a rapidly-exploring random trees (RRT) based path planner for transportation of biological cells in robotic transportation with optical tweezers in three dimensions (3D). By integrating the RRT algorithm into the optical tweezers manipulation system, we can successfully transport biological cells with high precision while avoiding obstacles during cell movement. Simulations and experiment are performed in transporting yeast cells to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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