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Title: Smart Phone Lift
Authors: Zhang, Niantong (張念同)
Zhang, Hao (張浩)
He, Zhe (何喆)
Department: Department of Computer Science (Zhang Niantong, Zhang Hao); Department of Electronic Engineering(He Zhe)
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Instructor: Dr. Chun, Jason Xue
Award: Won the First Runner-up Award in the 2011 Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Cup organized by Schneider Electric (HK) Ltd.
Type: Project
Abstract: For any building with numbers of lifts, we want to improve the energy efficiency of these lifts while the users’ comfort level maintains the same. A new algorithm with the help of smart phone is presented that allows lifts’ controller to get more information in order to manage the action performed by all lifts n a more efficient way. Based on our simulation, when the lift is relatively busy, the energy efficiency improvement will be 19% and the average waiting time of user will reduce 10.4%; while if the lift is idle for most of the time, the energy saving is around 7% but the user comfort will achieve an ideal level (average waiting time will reduce to almost 0). Essentially, by using smart phone with our application, we extend the physical elevator buttons and the lift controller now know ahead of time with more information - in this condition is the user’s target floor. By using the similar lift scan algorithm, with this additional information, we increase the Queue length therefore achieving a higher efficiency. Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Smart Phone, Lifts, Simulation
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