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Title: Multiobjective optimization of radio-to-fiber repeater placement using a jumping gene algorithm
Authors: Chan, Tak Ming (陳德明)
Man, K. F. (文劍峰)
Tang, K. S. (鄧榤生)
Kwong, Sam Tak Wu (鄺得互)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Chan, T. M.; Prof. Man, K. F.; Dr. Tang, K. S. ); Department of Computer Science (Dr. Kwong, S.)
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Award: T.M.Chan won the Best Paper Award in the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Tehcnology 2005 (ICIT) in 2005.
Type: Article
Abstract: This paper considers the radio-to-fiber repeater placement problem in Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Systems. The severe problem that the WLL systems encountered is that the large diffraction loss from rooftop to street occurs at its frequency band, 2.3 GHz. The radio-to-fiber repeaters can be used for the remedy of this situation. Unlike the conventional WLL systems, the total system cost of this option depends on the additional repeaters and optical fibers (links). Thus, our objective is to minimize the total repeater cost and total link cost simultaneously by selecting optimal locations for the repeaters. It is a multiobjective problem in which a tradeoff between the total repeater cost and total link cost can thus be made. A new jumping gene paradigm called Jumping-Gene Genetic Algorithm (JGGA) is proposed to solve this conflicting dilemma. The main feature of JGGA is that it only consists of a simple operation in which a transposition of the gene(s) is induced within the same or another chromosome within the framework of Genetic Algorithm. The algorithm has been tested by using two specific performance metrics in evaluating the quality of obtained sets of non-dominated solutions. Simulation results revealed from this study that JGGA is able to find non-dominated solutions with better convergence and diversity than other multiobjective evolutionary algorithms.
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