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Title: Electrowetting on liquid-infused film (EWOLF): complete reversibility and controlled droplet oscillation suppression for fast optical image
Authors: Hao, Chonglei (郝崇磊)
Liu, Yahua
Chen, Xuemei
He, Yuncheng
Li, Qiusheng
Li, K. Y.
Wang, Zuankai
Department: Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering; Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Award: Won the Best Paper Award in The 3rd International Conference on Optofluidics 2013, Aug 15-17 2013, Hong Kong, China.
Type: Conference paper/presentation
Abstract: Electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) has emerged as a powerful tool to electrically manipulate tiny individual droplets in a controlled manner. Despite tremendous progress over the past two decades, current EWOD operating in ambient conditions has limited functionalities posing challenges for its applications, including electronic display, energy generation, and microfluidic systems. Here, we demonstrate a new paradigm of electrowetting on liquid-infused film (EWOLF) that allows for complete reversibility and tunable transient response simultaneously. We determine that these functionalities in EWOLF are attributed to its novel configuration, which allows for the formation of viscous liquid-liquid interfaces as well as additional wetting ridges, thereby suppressing the contact line pinning and severe droplet oscillation encountered in the conventional EWOD. Finally, by harnessing these functionalities demonstrated in EWOLF, we also explore its application as liquid lens for fast optical focusing.
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