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Title: Are Muslims in Hong Kong more marginalized after "September 11"?
Authors: Leung, Lai Fun (梁麗芬)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2004
Award: Won the Exemplary Student Research Prize, 2004 organized by The Hong Kong Anthropological Society.
Supervisor: Dr. Wee, Vivienne
Subjects: Muslims
Hong Kong
September 11
Type: Thesis
Abstract: This paper aims to answer whether or not Muslims in Hong Kong are more marginalized in the aftermath of "September 11". The Muslim community is an ethnic minority in Hong Kong. Assimilation theory, accommodation model, Primordialism and Circumstantialism confirm that members of ethnic minority experience struggling powers in everyday live practices. I argue that non-Chinese Muslims suffer more marginalizations than Chinese Muslims. In my research, non-Muslims, Chinese Muslims and non-Chinese Muslims are interviewed. It is hoped the data help to answer two questions. First, whether or not Muslims in Hong Kong are more marginalized after "September 11"? Second, do Chinese Muslims and non-Chinese Muslims have very different experiences?
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