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Title: Effects of different annealing temperatures on the structures and magnetic properties of Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloy
Authors: Xializhati, Wumaier (夏丽扎提.吾买尔)
Department: Department of Physics and Materials Science
Issue Date: 2015
Course: AP4116 Dissertation
Programme: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Shek, C. H.
Subjects: Metallic glasses -- Structure.
Metallic glasses -- Magnetic properties.
Citation: Xializhati, W. (2015). Effects of different annealing temperatures on the structures and magnetic properties of Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloy (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from City University of Hong Kong, CityU Institutional Repository.
Abstract: The structural analysis and magnetic properties measurement were conducted for Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloy after annealing. Isochronous annealing at 713.15K (440ºC), 753.15K (480ºC), and 793.15K (520ºC) that are below crystallization temperature and at 833.15K (560ºC) that is around crystallization temperature affected the structure, magnetic properties and hardness of the Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloy. It was found that crystallization was increase after annealing at various temperature. Crystallization temperature of Co78.3B8.7Si13 metallic glass was determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). It is around 835K (562ºC) but the glass transition temperature cannot be determined. Vicker’s hardness test showed a decrease in hardness for annealed samples. The magnetic force microscopy (MFM) images showed a decrease in magnetic domain structure in annealed samples. Magnetic susceptibility of as-cast sample and annealed samples were determined. A decrease in magnetic susceptibility for annealed samples were obtained. Hysteresis loops for as-cast and annealed samples indicated that annealing below and around crystallization temperature introduced a decrease in soft magnetic properties.
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