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Title: Lecture length at City University of Hong Kong - too long or too short? a study among student's opinion about the length of the lectures
Authors: Larsson, Johan
Lier, Sondre
Vanmaekelbergh, Cyriel
Department: Department of Management Sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Course: GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning
Programme: Exchange Student
Supervisor: Dr. Sun, Zhankun
Citation: Larsson, J., Lier, S., & Vanmaekelbergh, C. (2016). Lecture length at City University of Hong Kong - too long or too short? a study among student's opinion about the length of the lectures (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from City University of Hong Kong, CityU Institutional Repository.
Abstract: This research aims to see how the students at City University of Hong Kong consider the lecture lengths. Since all three of us were exchange students during this time, we experienced from both exchange students as well as local students that the single opinion about this question were that many felt it was difficult to keep focus due to the length. This gave us a possibility to dug into this issue and wrap the facts together. We compiled a survey with adequate questions, carefully selected to not confuse the students that answered the survey. The final conclusion we came up with was split up based on two circumstances, off campus students and on campus students. In our survey 100 people said that they live in off campus accommodation and 49 people live in the City University student residence halls. This could be one of the explanations for why the majority of the sample would prefer one lecture a week over two lectures, as travelling takes a lot of time and vary among people. Travel time would increase for a lot of people if the school were to start having two lectures a week in each course. The majority of the sample suggested that they would like the lectures to stay as they are, 42,3 % stated that they would like to have shorter lectures, and a small proportion had no opinion. This is very interesting as it shows that a lot of the sample would like to change the lectures as well, or not have anything against it if the school decided to change the lecture length. Therefore, in order for the school to produce the best students possible, there's a lot more to investigate in this question and take it into serious account, if CityU wants to compete in the very top layer of different universities, this question has to be handled.
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