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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Recurring characters: how David Mitchell builds a unified novel collectionMuller, Matthew S.
2007Recycling the light emitted from illumination sourcesSoon, Chor Tan
2015Red mini-bus immediate route creation base on real time travel request submission via mobile deviceKung, Ling Ki
2014Redundancy-free information retrieval on multiple XML documents with data semantics preservationChan, Kam Lam
2015Reform on establishing a non-refoulement claim in Hong Kong's refugee screening system: difficulties and suggestionsChan, Wing Shan Fiona (陳詠珊)
2005Regeneration of strokes from Chinese calligraphic imagesChan, Sze Wai
2014RegressionMaple: regression coverage of concurrent testing on validating bug-fixingTsui, To
2014RegressionMaple: regression coverage of concurrent testing on validating bug-fixingTsui, To (徐韜)
2012Regulating undercover agents’ operations and criminal investigations in Hong Kong: What lessons can be learnt from the United Kingdom and South AustraliaChen, Yuen Tung Eutonia (陳宛彤)
2015Reintegrating ex-offenders: the role and the effectiveness of social enterpriseCheung, Kit Yan (張杰茵); Lai, Wing Yee (黎頴怡)
2016Relatability factor and characterization: a brief analysis of two academic novelsEttinger, Clint
2010The Relationship among Insomnia, Depressive Symptoms and General Happiness among Hong Kong AdolescentsChung, Cheuk Chi (鍾卓姿)
2003The relationship among thinking styles, learning approaches, value attachment, and academic performance of junior secondary school students in Hong KongTse, Peter Sui Fai
2013The relationship between hopefulness, coping flexibility and psychological adjustment among patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseaseWen, Kien Gi Gigi (温建芝)
2013The relationship between advertising and the level of materialism among adolescents in Hong KongCheung, Wing Kwan (張詠君)
2007The Relationship between Creative Performance and Personality, Context and Culture in the Hong Kong Police ForceChan, Teresa Sin Nga (陳倩雅)
2005The relationship between economic growth and corruption in reforming China: a new institutionalist analysis of civil servants' in the 1990sWan, Kwok Keung
2012The relationship between family cohesion and intimacy in dating relationship: A study based on attachment and exchange theoriesChoi, Aida Wai Kwan (蔡惠君)
2015Relationship between family SES and the participation of social movement among college studentsChan, Tsz Chun (陳子俊)