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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2014Student-Teacher Driven Multiple-Choice System (STDMC), an alternative objective assessment toolLeung, Arthur Wing Tak
14-Aug-2015Students' Publication of Course Work by Students' ParticipationKim, Young-chul
6-Jan-2017Students' theory application and creation of a website to promote happy and positive familiesKwok, Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching
2011A student’s portfolio report for the course “Experiencing China"Dunn, Alexander John
2012Study and implementation of HRTF in audio signal processingLo, Hoi Lam
2006Study and implementation of planar battery chargingHui, Pik Wa
2009Study and model high pressure sodium lampsChow, Ka Yu
2007Study and modelling of cold-cathode electric discharge lampsChen, Lily
2004Study behavior and academic performance in face of resource limitation: the moderation of selection, optimization, and compensationTam, Wai Yee
2004Study of a printed tri-filar hemispherical helical antenna with tapered strips on a large ground planeWong, Wai Ming
2004Study of a tri-filar hemispherical helical antenna on a hemisphere of dielectric resonator on a large ground planeCheng, Glory King Yiu
May-2011A study of construction safety attitudes in repair, maintenance, alteration, addition (RMAA) works in Hong KongChaw, Lai Pong (周澧邦)
2006A study of corporate governance in Hong KongHo, Po Wan (何寶雲)
2011Study of Eco-system design - Application of green electronic product - Life Cycle Assessment of LED LampFung, Sin Ying
2007Study of EM-field inside metallic enclosure by using statistical method and measurementSzeto, John Chun Chung
2011A study of environmental protection practices in Hong Kong propertiesTse, Shiu Ting Kerry (謝肇廷); Lam, King Lok Pius (林敬樂); Lee, Chi Ching Cindy (李姿靜)
Dec-2008A Study of Gated Communities and NeighbourlinessChu, Ken Ka Po (朱家寶); Lee, Eric Tin Hung (李天雄); Siu, Tim Kit Pun (蕭傑斌)
2006Study of gray level properties of alpha-particle tracks in solid-state nuclear track detectorsLaw, Yi Lun (羅伊倫)
2015The study of historic building conservation policy and measure: a comparison between Hong Kong and MacauXu, Yongtao (徐永濤)
2015Study of impact on human brain wave activities due to EMI exposure.Sinha, Prasoon