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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A matter of choice? : an ethical enquiry of human reprogenetic technologyYu, Hoi Yin Erika (余愷賢)
2009Maze generationMak, Shue Kwan
2013Meaning making in organizations: Lessons from Australia Dairy CompanyLee, Yik Kiu (李譯喬); Song, Kai (宋愷)
2004Measurement of dielectric constant and loss tangent of PCBMak, Lap Tong
2004Measuring interlanguage pragmatic knowledge of Chinese EFL learnersLiu, Jianda (劉建達)
2013Measuring primary school students' environmental literacy in urban China : environmental attitudes and behavior of grade 6 students in green schools in ShenzhenWu, Lingqiong (吳靈琼)
2006Mechanical and surface properties of copper-based bulk metallic glassesCheung, Tik Lam (張迪霖)
2005Mechanical and thermal characteristics of HIPed A1-TiB2 MMCsTam, Kam Fai (譚錦輝)
2012Mechanical characteristics of nanoarches and nanobeam-columns based on nonlocal elasticity theoryXu, Rui (徐瑞)
Feb-2009A Mechanical Model of Biological Cells in MicroinjectionTan, Youhua (譚又華); Dr. Sun, Dong; Prof. Huang, Wenhao
2011Mechanical properties and fracture behaviors of polymeric nanocomposites reinforced with nanoparticles and nanofibersLiao, Chengzhu ( 廖成竹)
2006Mechanical properties and fracture behaviour of rubber toughened PET blends and short glass fibre reinforced hybrid compositesFung, Kin Lun (馮健倫)
2010Mechanical properties and microstructures of Zr-Cu-Al-Ni bulk metallic glassesZhang, Jiliang (張吉亮)
2005Mechanical properties of amorphous tetrahedral carbonLam, Chun Wing (林俊榮)
2013Mechanical properties of boron carbide coatings deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputteringChan, Yau Kwan (陳佑昆)
2007Mechanical properties of lightweight aggregate concrete--effect of lightweight aggregate on the concreteCui, Hong Zhi (崔宏志)
2014MeChanical puzzle with LeapKo, Yan Chi
2007Mechanism for the removal of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) by a microalgal isolate, chlorella miniataHan, Xu (韩煦)
2005Mechanisms of ammonia tolerance in the oriental weatherloach, misgurnus anguillicaudatusTsui, Tommy Kuen Nang (徐權能)
2006Mechanisms of biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by bacteria isolated from mangrove sedimentsZhou, Hongwei (周宏偉)

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