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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Wireless ChargerLau, Cheuk Man
2004Wireless eLearning system by use of PDAHo, Wai
2004Wireless electronic billing system for water supplies departmentLau, Chi Wai
2013A Wireless Fall Detection SystemKwan, Kin Hong
2015Wireless Health Care Monitoring SystemLeung, Tsz Ching
2015Wireless Health MonitoringWan, Chiu Yeung
2006Wireless home monitoring system : sensor & control systemLee, Chi Yip
2013Wireless OximetryChau, Chi Chuen
2016Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical ApplicationWaqas, Mahmood
2014Wireless sensor network coverage problemFan, Haosheng (樊昊晟)
2014Wireless sensor network coverage problemFan, Haosheng
2007Wirless remote controlWong, Pak Ho
Apr-2008Wisdom Tree 《森.願》Chan, Benny Siu Chung (陳兆忠); Tsui, Ka Hei (崔嘉曦)
2008WLAN simulatorChiu, Ying Kit (趙英傑)
Mar-2010Work stress of teachers from primary and secondary schools in Hong KongChan, Alan H. S.; Chen, Ke (陳珂); Chong, Elaine Y. L.
2007Work-Life Balance: A study on the effect of conflict and facilitation amongst life roles on psychological well-being and quality of life of individuals in Hong KongChan, Isabella Suk Fun (陳淑芬)
2016Workers' struggles in the Chinese auto industryYe, Bijun (叶碧君)
2014Workplace aggression in Hong Kong: the effects of individual differences and charismatic leadershipIe, Ching Ching Vicky (余菁菁)
2004Workplace hardships of 'new immigrant women' from Mainland China - interpretations of personal work situationWong, Mei Sze
Sep-2014World spotHung, Tsun Yin (孔俊賢); Lau, Sin Yee (劉倩儀); Yip, Kin chung (葉健聰)