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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Work-Life Balance: A study on the effect of conflict and facilitation amongst life roles on psychological well-being and quality of life of individuals in Hong KongChan, Isabella Suk Fun (陳淑芬)
2016Workers' struggles in the Chinese auto industryYe, Bijun (叶碧君)
2014Workplace aggression in Hong Kong: the effects of individual differences and charismatic leadershipIe, Ching Ching Vicky (余菁菁)
2004Workplace hardships of 'new immigrant women' from Mainland China - interpretations of personal work situationWong, Mei Sze
Sep-2014World spotHung, Tsun Yin (孔俊賢); Lau, Sin Yee (劉倩儀); Yip, Kin chung (葉健聰)
2010World Time Clock PanelYip, Chi Fat
2014Wrist Pulse Signal Processing for Inflammation Diagnostic AnalysisChow, Wai Hei
Aug-2015Xiaomi: can China’s Apple conquer the world?Koh, Yu Ling Jacqueline; Cheong, Hon Kit Kristen (蔣汉杰)
2003XML based news delivery systemLam, Siu Leong
Nov-2015XPS study on the effect of thermal annealing on the CeO2/La2O3 stacked gate dielectricsZhang, Jieqiong (张洁琼)
2001Yb3+ - Er3+ codoped planar waveguide amplifier in Li+ -based phosphate glassWong, Sun Fat
2015Youth activism in transition: Myanmar as a country caseBuschmann, Andy
Mar-2002一個月零一夜Yip, Ross Chi Chung
Dec-2013一念無明Wong, Chun (黃進)
Nov-2003不可怕Lin, Hamlet Yiu Bong (林耀邦)
Nov-2003「不義之師」:從儒家的角度來看第二次波斯灣戰爭Ou, Antony (區安圖)
9-May-2014中國文化教學優化計劃──以城大景觀為主題 Chinese Civilisation Teaching Enhancement Scheme – featuring the beautiful scenery of CityU campusDung, Chau Hung
21-Jan-2011中國文化教學強化計劃Dung, Chau-hung
Mar-2006人在月橋東To, Man Chau (杜文就)
Jan-2016以青春的名義愛你Tam, Wai Ching (譚惠貞)