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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-2017Web-based Learning Environment for Counselling Practicum StudentsLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang
21-Jan-2011Web-based Learning in Safety for Building and Construction Laboratory and Site WorksSiu, Vincent Yee-fai
2005Web-based Linux information server with efficient searching capability (Egg Technologies Ltd)Ko, Chi Lai
2012Web-based patient recording system using AndroidHui, Ping Ping
2006Web-based project management for RoHS complianceHo, Shun Yiu
2003A web-based project management systemFung, Yin Kwan
2008Web-based project management systemWong, Shun Hang
2005A web-based queuing systemCheng, Eric Chun Wing
2004Web-based smart card time attendance system for educational environmentLiu, Ying Kin
21-Jan-2011A Web-based Talking Dictionary with Visual Corrective Feedback on Learner's Spoken Mandarin 視覺判斷自學者普通話語音正誤的網上工具性有聲字典Sze, Mary Mei
2005Web-based training record tracking systemLeung, Keith Kin Lung
2014Web-enabled Data Logging System for Photovoltaic InverterTsang, Sze Chun
Jun-2009Weblogging: a study of social computing and its impact on organisationsIp, Rachael Kwai Fun (葉桂芬); Prof.Wagner, Christian
2006Webmail security : an intelligent spam filterKan, Chun Kit
2010WebMix - Firefox Extension to concatenate web pagesSung, Hing Hang
May-2002Wednesday creamy cakeTse, Nancy Yuet Na (謝月娜)
11-Oct-2012WeFiLab: A Web-based WiFi Laboratory System for Wireless Networking EducationJia, Weijia
2014What makes the more habitable high-rise, high-density residential environment in the future of Hong Kong?Leung, Shuk Ming Sophia (梁淑銘)
2015Wheelchair Virtual Reality SystemTse, Yee Ting
2015When pencil sketches become concrete blocks - the case of URA Wan Chai projects: critiques and alternativesChan, Chi Hon (陳志瀚); Chong, Ting (莊婷); Tran, Viet Anh (陳越英); Yeung, Hon Bun Andy (楊漢斌)