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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007China and TRIPS : diversification of intellectual property laws after harmonizationJiang, Qinfeng (姜勤峰)
2007'China English' or native speaker based standard? : a study of college teachers' and students' perceptions of the ideal pedagogic model of college English in mainland ChinaHe, Deyuan (贺德远)
2014China is not actually a threat yet, but is a counterfactual threat to the U.S.’s global hegemony: a combined perspective of Nye’s soft power and offensive and defensive realism theories of international relationsLum, Tin Wan (藍天雲)
2012China's copyright reform for the digitized world : lessons and the prospectsDong, Hao (董皓)
1999China's strategy to counter international human rights pressures since 1989Wong, Kai-shing (黃啓成)
2012Chinese character processing by adult native speakers – Recognition and memorizationLeung, Ka Yuen (梁嘉遠)
21-Jan-2011Chinese Civilisation Lectures: Teaching/self-learning Resource Pack SeriesCheng, Pei-kai
2014Chinese handwriting performance evaluation applicationTham, Tsz Lung
2016'Chinese is a sexist language': a re-examinationLi, Tsz Kwan (李子君)
2009Chinese MPEG-21 rights expression language : enhancing digital rights management adoption to digital libraries in Hong KongLiu, Zhaohua (劉昭華)
1999Chinese people's perception of extramarital affairs: the link between attitudes, behaviors, and genderKwan, Jennifer Oi Sze
2012Chinese polarity itemsChen, Li (陳莉)
2015Chinese product innovativeness : decomposing its dimensions and their relation with new product performanceTang, Wing Kin Jacky (鄧永堅)
2011Chinese scientists' English research articles in local and international publications : exploring the construction of writer identityHuang, Dawang ( 黃大網)
2005Chinese traditional sects in modern society : a case study of Yiguan DaoLu, Yunfeng (盧云峰)
2008Chiral helical oligopyridine metal complexes : syntheses, characterizations and applications in asymmetric catalysisYeung, Ho Lun (楊浩麟)
2008Chiral polydentate pyridyl ligands and their helicates : syntheses and characterizationsTsang, Chui Shan (曾翠珊)
2012Chiral pyridine-containing ligands for supramolecular chemistryTsang, Chui Shan (曾翠珊)
2008Chiral terpyridine-metal complexes : syntheses, characterizations and applications in asymmetric cyclopropanationYeung, Chi Tung (楊志東)
Nov-2007ChoicesTsai, Steve Chi Wai (蔡志威); Ng, Angel Yee Nga (吳依雅); Yau, Emily Chi Man (邱志敏); Tang, Martin Yue Cheong (鄧裕昌); Lau, Ho Ming (劉浩銘); Poon, Hiu Ha (潘曉霞); Ma, Yat Ching (馬逸晴)

Showing results 642 to 661 of 5375 < previous   next >


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