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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Designing an Automated Theorem ProverLeung, Wai Lung
14-Aug-2015Designing Out CrimeLi, Jessica Chi-mei
2014Designing survivable networksYuan, Yuan
Mar-2013Designing usable icons for non e-literate userRestyandito; Chan, Alan H. S.; Mahastama, Aditya W.; Saptadi, Tri S.
2015The destiny of waste in Hong Kong: either dumping or combusting? Why not both?Ching, Ka Wing (程家穎); Chow, Wai Kin (周偉健); Lee, Ah Man (李雅敏); Lee, Hoi Ki (李海琪); Wong, Chun Yi (王珍誼)
2015Detection of damage on structural connections of steel frames based on vibration measurementJiang, Jun (蔣均)
Mar-2017Detection of hidden corrosion in pipes carrying gas into Hong Kong residential buildings by ultrasonic guided waves and advanced signal processing techniqueRostami, Javad
2007Deterministic packet marking for link price estimationLee, Terry Cheuk Fai
2016Develop a Habit Builder that Improves Eyesight for Young Children (Project II)Lin, Wing Yee
2004Develop mobile game applications using J2ME MIDP2.0 technologyWong, Kit Man
2005Develop mobile game applications using J2ME MIDP2.0 technologyNg, Kwok Wah
2004Develop mobile multimedia applications using J2ME technologyYu, Ka On
2015Developing a Game that Improves Eyesight for YoungstersSham, Yik Shan
2016Developing a Game/habit Builder that Improves Eyesight for Young Children (Project II)Chan, Shek Hung
9-May-2014Developing a Learner Centered Writing Rubric for the 2012-13 English for Academic Purposes CourseWong, Roxanne Sue
14-Aug-2015Developing a Self-Discovery Learning Strategy Through Watching TVLi, Bin
2004Developing a smart PC-based system for personnel managementMan, Wai Kuen
21-Jan-2011Developing a Web-based Multi-Media Self-Learning Programme for Measurement of Building WorksCheung, Sai-on
2015Developing an Aid to Help the Visually Impaired to Navigate at MTR platformNg, Ho Ming (吳浩銘)
Oct-2010Developing an Analytical Framework for Mobile Payments Adoption in Retailing: A Supply-Side PerspectiveLai, P. M.; Dr. Chuah, K. B.