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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015The fading pieceLau, Ching Wa (劉清華)
2003Fair queueing algorithms for wireless networksTse, Wai Chuen
2015Fall Detection based on Walking GaitCheung, Kei Yee
2016Fall Detection for ElderlyYung, Yu Kwan
2012Fall detection for elderly using Android mobile phonesLai, Suet Man
2016Fall Detection Location and Notification for Assistance for the AgedWong, Ka Kit
2013A Fall Detector - Able TrendLam, Man Tung
2012Falling detection system by using kinectChan, Chun Ho
2000Family environment and adolescents' psychological well-being in Hong KongNg, Wai Yu
2008Family grocery management systemChung, Brian Chun Hei
2015Fans’ unique reactions towards the celebrity endorsement on microblog: the influence of source factors and parasocial interactionGong, Wanqi (龔婉祺)
2015Fantarvis - A social media and information publishing platformPang, Chak Man
2005Fast algorithms for newest H.264 video coding standardChow, Hon Chung
Sep-2016Fast drop detachment on superhydrophobic surfacesLiu, Yahua (劉亞華)
2008Fast feature selection and ranking systemTang, Ping Tai Clarence
2006Fast macroblock mode selection algorithm in H.264/AVCKwok, Yi Tak
2006Fast macroblock mode selection in H.264/AVCLi, Wai Lung (李偉隆)
2005A fast matrix equation solver for electrically small structuresWu, Boping
2003Fast packet classification algorithms ILeung, Kai Sum
2004A fast particle-based approach to cloth simulationNg, Ka Chun