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Title: 5 step approach to manage quality in global supply chain
Authors: Chan, Tony Ching Tung (陳正通)
Chin, Kwai Sang
Lau, Wai Kei
Chan, Wai Chung
Department: Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (Chan, T.; Dr. Chin, K. S.; Lau, W. K.; Chan, W. C.)
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Award: Tony C. T. Chan won the Best Paper Award (Total Quality Learning and Knowledge Management) in the 10th International Conference on ISO 9000 & TQM organized by Shanghai Association for Quality (China), Shanghai Academy of Quality Management (China) and Hang Seng School of Commerce in 2005.
Subjects: Global sourcing
Supply chain management
Quality management
Type: Article
Abstract: Value chain function has been dispersed more geographically under global supply chain and the linkage between organizations along the supply chain become more complex. Managing quality in global supply chain is essential to the success of the firm. Motivators of global sourcing are lower price, better quality, easier access to new technology, shorter product development and life cycle and more comparative advantage. Some common principles of Supply Chain Management and Quality Management are identified and studied by the authors, namely customer and supplier relationship, share information and open communication, supplier management, customer satisfaction and quality management. A “5 Step Approach” is then proposed to manage the quality of the international suppliers to achieve these common principles.
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