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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The evolving meanings of public art: a comparative analysis of the role played by the government in shaping the functions and meanings of public art in Taiwan and Hong KongCheung, Hoi Yan Kathy (張凱恩); Cheung, Wai Elvis (張威); Fong, Ho Yin Stephanie (方顥諺)
2017Home away from home: identity and sense of belonging of Pakistanis in Hong KongChan, Cheuk Ying Giselle (陳卓楹); Li, Sum Yi Sammi (李心怡); Wong, Shu Ming Veronica (黃舒明)
2015In searching of the meaning of Hui: a case study of Shek Wu HuiXue, Danna (薛丹娜); Yeung, Ka Yan (楊嘉恩); Yeung, Mei Yee (楊美儀)
2015In the mood for ink: how the City Art Gallery shaped our perception of New Ink art as the mainstream 'Hong Kong Art' from the late sixties to early seventies and its political connotationsChan, Wing Hang Michael (陳泳鏗); Law, Kam Ho Richard Charles (羅錦浩); Lee, Pak Ka Sophia (李柏嘉)
2016Inheriting and transforming the ghost: the commercialized and gendered painted skinWong, Chun Kit Banny (王駿傑)
2014Old Hong Kong at risk? Past, present and future of Temple StreetLau, Ka Wai (劉家煒); Leung, Man Ching (梁文靜); Yuen, Ying Lam (袁映霖)
2015The rooftop: space for living and artChung, Lai Angel (鍾麗); Ho, Kwok Ching Eve (何幗楨); Leung, Ngai Yi Queenie (梁藝怡); Ng, Suet Tung Mandy (吳雪僮)
2016Sino Centre: Shopping Mall as a Cultural SpaceChow, Ming Wai (周明慧); Fung, Lok Ting (馮樂婷); Yip, Wing Yan (葉穎欣); Fok, Tsz Huen (霍芷萱)
2014從《皇明詩選》看雲間三子詩學主張Tam, King Yiu (譚景耀)
2017泰國、坦桑尼亞小學生漢語口語流利性研究 Du, Yuan (杜媛)
May-2014深夜的火車El-sayed, Gouda Ibrahim Hashish (顧德)
2014王念孫《讀書雜志‧荀子》辨正八則Yip, Yuk Ling (葉玉玲)
Nov-2016萬能藥: 美麗新世界Ma, Ngai Ka (馬藝嘉); Wong, Tsz Ning Lucia (王芷甯); Chan, Wing Yi (陳穎怡); Wu, Yu Tong (吳雨桐)
2014陳映真小說中白色恐怖時期左翼分子之譜系及批判精神Wong, Ching Hang (王証恒)
2016香港幽魂:《聶小倩》的電影改編及其身份政治Chen, Mingmin (陳明敏)