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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Read-only transaction processing in broadcast environmentsTam, Wai Yee
2015Reading comprehension in Chinese adults: its relationships with reading strategies, motivation, anxiety and activities among Chinese adultsLeung, Lai Kuen Terrie (梁麗娟)
2015Reading problems and treatments with dyslexia - is it too late for remedy in adulthood?Wong, Ching Yee Sharon
2004Real time 3D computer game (characteristic, emotion and behavior simulation)Wong, Chi Leung
2011Real Time Computer Generated HolographyChung, Elsie Nga Sze
2011Real Time Hand detection and gesture recognition systemJin, Man Mau (金文茂)
2010Real Time Handwritten Shareable Writeboard Chat Room E-Learning SystemMak, Chi Kin
2008A real time passenger counting by using simulinkLam, Po Yin
2004Real time progressive radiosity in dynamic environment with multiresolutionChen, Frank Jun
21-Jan-2011Real Time Web Services Based Handwritten Chat Room E-Learning SystemFong, Joseph Shi-piu
2016Real-time Collaborative Scheduling ToolLaw, Kin Long
2017Real-time multi-sensory monitoring by automated routing of UAV in civil/building construction site and cavern development: to improve safety, health and productivityChan, Tsz Hei Heison (陳子希)
2007Real-time soft shadow renderingChan, Ka Ming
2015Real-time traffic monitoring of bus routes with crowdsourcingHo, Chun Hang
2011Real-time Video-based Chat Room E-Learning System for Secondary SchoolsAu, Wai In
2005Real-time web-based collaborative editorNg, Ming Hong
2014A realtime visual feedback system for heart beat signalKong, Man Ho (江文豪)
2005Receipt-free voting protocol by using linkable ring signatureFeng, Ze
2004Receivable management systemLi, Kai Ling
Nov-2004Recent developments of plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) in surface modification and engineeringFu, Ricky King Yu (傅勁裕); Chu, Paul K.