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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Gender, graduate education experience and career-related choices : the case of doctoral students in science and engineering in Hong KongLuk, Christine Yi Lai (陸伊驪)
1997Gender roles portrayals in print advertisements of youth's popular magazines in Hong Kong: a content analysisChau, King Chun
2005Gender stereotyping in Hong Kong TV beer advertising: women's image in TV beer advertisingWong, Kwan Lam
2015Gene Abundance Analysis in MetagenomicsLiang, Xiao
2015Gene Co-expression Network Variation Between EthnicityGuo, Wentong
2002Gene expression profiling of 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation and neotoralactone-treated HepG2 cells by cDNA microarrayAu, Tze-shan (歐子辰)
2009Gene expression profiling of non-small cell lung cancer using cDNA microarraysAu, Siu Kie (區兆基)
2016General Education System for Exploring Human GeneticsNg, Yue Chung
2014Generalized container loading problem and its applicationsTian, Tian (田甜)
2012Generalized discrete singular convolution algorithm improved by regularizing singularities for one electron systemHu, Kaige (胡凱歌)
2009The generalized dressing method and algebra curves method and their applications to integrable equationsSu, Ting (苏婷)
2007A generalized semi-blind channel estimation for OFDM systemsHo, Ka Yau (何家佑)
2008Generation and controlled etching of ion tracks in polycarbonate filmsMan, Chi Tao (文志韜)
2015Generations of periodical nanopatterns by soft-mask assisted photolithographyFang, Ming (方明)
Oct-2007Generic Certificateless Encryption in the Standard ModelHuang, Qiong (黃琼); Wong, Duncan Shek (王石)
2006A generic jumping-gene paradigm : concept, verification and applicationsChan, Tak Ming (陳德明)
Aug-2016A generic mitigation framework against cross-VM covert channelsQi, Wen (齊文); Hovhannisyan, Hermine
2004Genetic algorithm applications in EM problemsYuan, Yuan (袁淵)
1999Genetic algorithms in multiobjective control designsKe, Jinyun (柯津云)
1997A genetic programming approach to query optimization in distributed database systemsCheung, Siu King (張少琼)

Showing results 2109 to 2128 of 5375 < previous   next >


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