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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of Silicon Piezoresistive Readout Longitudinal Mode Microelectromechanical ResonatorsChow, Wai Man
2009Analysis of statistical learning algorithms in data dependent function spacesWang, Hongyan (王洪彥)
2014An analysis of the determinants of housing transaction prices in Hong Kong and MacauTo, Kin (杜建)
1998Analysis of the dielectric-loaded helical antenna and the dielectric-loaded slot antennaHui, Hon-tat (許漢達)
2011An analysis of the relationship between choice of interest rate reference and interest rate risks of corporate borrowersChan, Fung Cheung (陳鳳翔)
2006Analysis of the simulation and measurement of SAR measurement systemLeung, Karen Chim Pui
2013An analysis of urban residents' engagement in underground "Mark Six" in ChinaHe, Heng (何珩)
May-2014Analysis on current situation and influence factors of community residents’ participation during the process of low-carbon citySun, Chenguang (孫晨光); Zhang, Zhiqiang
2009Analytical and computational analyses for bending and vibration of laminated piezoelectric actuators and bimorphsLau, Clement Wai Hoi (劉偉海)
2013Analytical and computational aspects for torsional statics and dynamics of cylindrical nanostructures based on nonlocal elasticity theoryIslam, Md. Zahurul (0)
2012Analytical and numerical studies for nanotubes and nanoplates based on a nonlocal elasticity approachYu, Yumiao (余育苗)
2014Analytical and numerical studies on certain instabilities in slender structures based on gradient elasticityHao, Yanhong (郝艷紅)
2012Analytical and numerical studies on local and nonlocal elastic bars in tension and neutralizer-based iterative methodsZhu, Xiaowu (朱小武)
2012An analytical framework based on a game theoretical approach to defend telecommunication infrastructures against malicious attacksXiao, Xun (肖迅)
2012Analytical solutions and bifurcation of nonlinear oscillators with discontinuities and impulsive systems by a perturbation-incremental methodWang, Hailing (汪海玲)
2009Analytical studies on bifurcations of compressions of hyperelastic rectangularWang, Fanfan (王凡凡)
2006Analytical studies on the corner instability and finite deformations of a nonlinear elastic cylinderWang, Fanfan (王凡凡)
2009Analytical studies on the force-induced phase transitions in slender shape memory alloy cylinders layersWang, Jiong (王炯)
2007An analytical study on the evolution of localization and the onset of failure in a slender elastic cylinderHao, Yanhong (郝豔紅)
2011Analytical tool for FPGA based true random number generators (TRNG)Chan, King Yeung

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