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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attendance Checking using RFID and facial recognitionNg, Chau Hang
2008Attitude towards dating and sexual behaviour in Chinese adolescents: An investigation into the impacts of parental control, parent-child relationship, sex education at home and perceived dis/approval of early sexual intercoursePoon, Emily Cheuk Lam (潘卓霖)
2004Attributional style, self-esteem, and depressive symptoms among Hong Kong Chinese childrenYeung, Wing Yan
2003Audio compressionTang, Yuen Ling
2011Audio Watermark for Copyright ProtectionChau, Chun Wai
2008Audio watermarkingLau, Leong Yuen
2016Audio-Sense: Audio Fingerprint based Song and TV Channel Identification SystemZhong, Yuqing
2005Audit trail system for smart tag applicationLuk, Wai Tong
2007Authentication and security for digital living network alliance (DLNA) device ILi, Jones Man Fai
2007Authentication and security for digital living network alliance (DLNA) device IIYuen, Man Hon
2005Authorization model in workflow management systemLok, Hang Kin
2004An auto-sensing electronic lighting systemCheng, Wai Sum
2015Auto-translation android applicationCheung, Chun Keung
Feb-2016An automated cell imaging platform for subcellular feature quantification over a three-dimensional space integrated from stacks of image arraysCui, Binbin (崔彬彬); Chan, Pui Hei (陳沛熙); Tam, Hei Yin (譚晞彦)
2013An automated microfluidic platform for parallel monitoring operationsYIP, Hon Ming (葉漢明); LI, Chi Shing (李志誠); Gao, Qiannan (高倩楠)
2014An automated platform for long-term monitoring of parallel microfluidic operationsLi, Chi Shing (李志誠); Yip, Hon Ming (葉漢明)
2016Automated Tools for Aerial Photography using Quadcopter with GPS Flight Path (Android Version)Tang, Tsz Wang Philip
2013Automatic Car Developmetn with Cortex M3Yick, Wing Yuen
2008Automatic generation of ISO 17799 compliance requirementsLee, Chi Wan
2015Automatic Method for Stock Trading StrategyLi, Koon Lam