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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A sociotechnical system approach for enhancing the dynamic capabilities of an organisation : a participatory action research in the manufacturing industry in mainland ChinaLee, Yiu Man (李耀文)
2011Software development for WII applicationKung, Wing Chi
2008Solar radiation and daylight illuminance modelling and implications for building integrated photovoltaic system designsLam, Ngan Tung Tony (林雁東)
Mar-2005Soldier crabLam, Wai Keung
2008Sol-gel anode fabrication and thin film encapsulation for OLEDsTsang, Wai Man (曾慧敏)
2010Solutions behavior of some dissipative systemsMa, Hongfang (馬紅芳)
2012Some existence and stability problems of the Boltzmann equationsWang, Ying (王穎)
2007Some improvements of fuzzy logic controllers with applicationsZhang, Shanshan (張珊珊)
2005Some inverse optimization problems and network improvement problemsGuan, Xiucui (關秀翠)
2010Some mathematical studies on general systems of hyperbolic conservation lawsJiang, Zaihong (姜在紅)
2010Some mathematical theories on the boundary layer problem for the Boltzmann equation with mixed boundary conditionsTian, Qianzhu (田鉛柱)
2011Some mathematical theories on the Cauchy problem and boundary layer problem for the Boltzmann equationSun, Jie ( 孫傑)
2008Some mathematical theories on the gas motion under the influence of external forcingDuan, Renjun (段仁軍)
2012Some mathematical theories on the Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann systemCheng, Chi Honn (鄭智瀚)
2012Some nonlinear problems on manifolds arising from conformal geometryZhu, Huan (祝歡)
2004Some numerical algorithms for monotone variational inequalitiesYuan, Xiaoming (袁曉明)
2006Some problems on a class of fluid dynamical systemsYuen, Manwai (阮文威)
2009Some problems on conservation laws and Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann equationZhang, Mei (張梅)
2007Some problems on Navier-Stokes equations and Boltzmann equationsMa, Hongfang (馬紅芳)
2009Some problems on planar rarefaction waves for hyperbolic conservation lawsChen, Jing (陳靜)

Showing results 3305 to 3324 of 4077 < previous   next >


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