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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Design of RFID tag antennaLee, Tak Shing
2008Design of RFID tag antennaWong, Chi Kit
2011Design of RFMEMS switches for reconfigurable antennaZhang, Ce
2011Design of series-feed printed dipole antennaChan, Chi Wai
2007Design of simple and high performance antennas for polarization diversityYuen, Wai Hung
2009Design of small antenna for mobile communicationLiu, Xiangke
2011Design of small antennas for mobile devicesChong, Shing Wai
2005Design of small ultra-wide band antennaKong, King Cheung
2014Design of Split Key Authentication AlgorithmNgo, Shuk Ling
2012Design of the dual-band dielectric resonator antennaChan, Che Chun
2009Design of wideband antenna for mobile communicationsLam, Ka Yan
2008Design of wideband base station antennasWONG, Tsz Hong
2013Design of wideband dielectric resonator antennaLiu, Kai Tim
2010Design of wideband indoor base station antennasWong, Ching Chi
2009Design of wideband L-probe fed patch antenna with low cross-polarizationWong, Ying Kiu
Jul-2004Design of wideband opened quarter wavelength microstrip patch antennas for mobile communication systemYang, Steven Shing Lung (楊承隆)
2010Design of wideband outdoor base station antennasKau, Chun Man
Sep-2010Design of Wideband Pattern Diversity Antenna for Mobile CommunicationsWu, Biqun (吳壁群); Prof. Luk, Kwai Man
2008Design of wideband small microstrip antenna with circular polarizationCheung, Ka Man
Jun-2006Design of wideband table-shaped reconfigurable antennasYang, Steven Shing Lung (楊承隆)