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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Development and characterization of a novel microfluidic chip for exosome isolation and its application in neuroscienceWatanabe, Airi
2017Real-time multi-sensory monitoring by automated routing of UAV in civil/building construction site and cavern development: to improve safety, health and productivityChan, Tsz Hei Heison (陳子希)
2017Development of finite element structural analysis computer programChan, Yun Ping (陳閏平)
2017Luminescent cyclometalated iridium (III) polypyridine complexes appended with a sydnone moiety as novel bioorthogonal probesCheung, Man Hin (張文軒)
2017316 HTM stainless steel reinforcing bars as a green materialFong, Chun Wai (方竣瑋)
2017Synthesis and oxygen evolution investigation for cobalt oxide and cobalt phosphate hybrid porous nanosheet networksHo, Cheuk Nam Ulysses (何卓南)
2017High performance yarn battery for energy textilesIp, Wing Shan (葉穎珊)
2017Public goods provision via emailsCheung, Chun Yeung (張俊揚); Choi, Yan Sze (蔡欣詩); Fu, Chi Lok (傅至樂); Lau, To Ping (劉道平); Wu, Tung Fai (胡東輝)
2017Merger of the syllable-initial [n-] and [l-] in Hong Kong CantoneseNg, Choi Lee Charlie (吳彩莉)
2017Comparison between grammatical metaphors across registers in geoengineeringWong, See Wah Rebecca (黃思樺)
2017An eye tracking study of line spacing effects on reading Simplified ChineseHuang, Dandan (黃丹丹)
2017Is the air quality in Hong Kong becoming better or worse, 1997 to 2014?Narramore, Benjamin (陳嘉明); Li, Chun (李珍); Wu, Tsz Wing (胡梓詠)
2017Unauthorized profit by the fiduciary: a personal or proprietary remedy?Fumeaux, Morgane
2017Invisible hand or visible hand? Lessons learned from other countries and their implication for China's power sector reformHonda, Mariko (本田真理子)
2017The achievement and limitation of China's state capitalism in electricity reformChan, Ka Yeung (陳家揚)
2017Anti-Ahok movementKwong, Wan Ning (鄺韻寧)
2017泰國、坦桑尼亞小學生漢語口語流利性研究 Du, Yuan (杜媛)
2017Does free trade between developing countries guarantee a “win-win” situation? an application of the Heckscher-Ohlin model on Sino-Vietnamese trade in a post-ACFTA economyAgrawal, Sumedha; Iacopetti, Nicolo; Pua, Jeremiah (潘金順); Sharma, Sandeep
2017Short text classification with deep neural networks: an experimental analysisLiu, Chui Yi (廖翠怡)
2017Neuromuscular basis of finger coordinationLi, Yuqi   (李瑜琪)