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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Social criticism in Chinese literature: techniques and styles used by a selection of leading writers from the 1919 student movement to the present dayGoff, Peter
2015Social gaze on single and couple targets: exploring the top-down influences of sex, relationship status, love and lust stateLau, Shing Fung Athen (劉成豐)
1999Social information processing of aggressive and non-aggressive children in small group homeLam, Kwai Kam
2003The social meanings of cosmetics in the construction of the self image of some female university students: a qualitative studyKwong, Him Chun
2015Social media marketing strategy in logistics industryChiu, Chia-Hsuan; Rishi, Abhinav; Leung, Ka Sing (梁家昇); Zhang, Xiaojiao (張小皎)
2012Social network analysis of personnel selection standards: An empirical study in academic institutionSun, Xiangkun (孫翔鵾)
2012A social network-based barter systemWong, Ni Na
2015Social Sentiment Analysis for Hong Kong Financial MarketsLam, Pui Hei
Apr-2013SoengLam, Ho Tak (林昊德)
2011Software development for WII applicationKung, Wing Chi
Mar-2005Soldier crabLam, Wai Keung
Feb-2012Something about MelodyZhou, Jazz Jia (周佳)
2009A sonar-based system for the detection of sharksYip, Brian Shing Han
2015Song and Cantonese lyrics compose assistantChui, Ching Ki
2010Sophisticated SimplicityRefshauge, Christian Kongsbak; Björnsson, Karl Birgir; Hennessey, Bryant; Yi, Diandian (易典典); Yang, Flex Zhou (楊舟)
2004Sound rendering with diffractionCheng, Kin Chung
2002Source localization by GPSHui, Shun Ping
2013Souvenir (At the end)Shen, Donna Dong Min (沈東敏)
2015SP Chart SystemHuang, Xiaolian
2014SP Xpress Android VersionLeung, Ho Pan