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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jan-2011Teaching Complex Societies - China in TransitionChan, Yuk-wah
11-Oct-2012Teaching Crime Prevention in Everyday LifeLi, Jessica Chi-mei
May-2016Techno-economic analysis of a food waste valorization process for poly (lactic acid) production from food wasteKwan, Tsz Him (關祉謙)
2011Tele-control of Surveyor SRV-1 robot using Nintendo's Wii Remote ControllerYiu, Man Pan
2017A Terahertz near-field measurement systemWong, Chun Kit (黃俊傑)
2007Testing and modelling of dischage lamps driven by electronic and magentic ballastsFan, Ching Yee
2011Text analysis with a systemic functional approach: Analyzing US presidential inaugural addressHuen, Kam Lun Benjamin (禤錦麟)
2016Text Extraction for Android AppYuen, Hung Tsan
2014A text linguistic study of Romans 8:1-17: comparing English and Chinese translationsLau, Pan Ying Peony (劉盼迎)
2010Texture generationNg, Kai Chun
2008Texture synthesisLai, Kit Ying
2007Texture synthesisLam, Chi Hang
2012Texture synthesisLi, Zhibin
1999A theoretical research on ASEAN: no prospect nor turning backHon, Ka Yan
2017Theoretical study of STₒ qubit implemented in DQD using 1D exactly solvable double well potentialChan, Guo Xuan (曾國軒)
2013Thermal actuation with piezoresistive sensing in mechanical resonatorsTu, Cheng
2014Thermal power reuse in power amplifier designZhang, Lei (張雷)
2012Thermoelectric materials and device: recover waste-heat from heat exchanger of power plantLaw, Ming Hing (羅明興)
Mar-2011This PairWong, Yee Mei (王綺美)
2014Three Dimensional Biomimetic Platforms for Cell InteractionsDing, Kaile