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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Binary- and multi-class group sparse canonical correlation analysis for discriminant feature extraction and classificationZhang, Zhao (張召)
2010Binaural Headphone for 3D Surround Sound Playback with Azimuth Steering FeedbackSo, Ngai Chi
2015Biological Expression Network Data IntegrationYang, Yiqing
2004Biometrics fingerprinting minutiae extraction using neural networkNazir, Ahsan
2013Biophysics of alpha particles in zebrafish embryos (in vivo)Kong, Yi (江怡)
2014Bistability of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite platesHuang, Munan (黃沐楠)
21-Jan-2011BlackBoard-based Online Laboratory System. Part I: Shake Table ExperimentAu, Siu-kui
2016Blood Pressure Sensor (1)Lee, Chi Un
2016Blood Pressure Sensor (2)Lam, Kam Suet
Apr-2004Blue phoenixCheng, Pui Sze; Mok, Pui Yuk
Oct-2015Bluebeard's castleHo, Sheung Ning Shirley (何上寧)
2006Bluetooth application development on mobile devicesPang, Chun Sau (彭俊修)
2013Bluetooth Light Show Speaker Propagation Systems LimitedLee, Ka Lun
2006Bluetooth magic wand developementChan, Ching Yip
2004Bluetooth personal area network application: mobile aided meetingLai, Chi Man
2016Boeing: financial analysisChan, Tsz Ki Jefferson (陳祉祁); Chen, Mutong Alex (陳沐彤); Hegde, Ishwara Manjunath; Pua, Jeremiah (潘金順); Strydom, Marthinus; Tandon, Rishabh
2004Book reading system for blind peopleKong, Chiu Chun
2005Book reading system for blind peopleKwok, Pui Lam
2003Book reading system for visually impaired personsWong, Wing Keung
2007Bookmarks sharing and management systemLeung, Ka Cheung