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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A video security and remote monitoring systemLi, Man Ki (李文基)
2006A video security and remote monitoring systemNg, Tsz San
2005Video streaming and web applications on AnyServerLee, Wai Kit
2011Video-mail ServerLeung, Pan
2004VIPZONEGeng, Chunya (耿春亞); Xiao, Hui (肖慧); Zhou, Wenqun (周文群); Hu, Peifeng; Jin, Xing; Liu, Ning
2011Virtual Campus Navigation of Android Smart Phone ApplicationTse, Hiu Yeung (謝曉陽)
2015Virtual Clay Modeling using AutoCAD and Leap MotionHa, For Yu
21-Jan-2011A Virtual Construction Materials and Mechanics LaboratoryTang, Patrick Wai-ching
21-Jan-2011Virtual English Teachers for Science and Engineering StudentsYan, Hong
2004Virtual goldfishWong, Kam Cheung
2005Virtual humanKong, Cheuk Him
2005Virtual Jurassic ParkChan, Chi Yip
2005Virtual jurassic park: artificial intelligence for dinosaursWan, Stanley Wing Kwan
14-Aug-2015Virtual Laboratory for Experiencing Science at Molecular LevelLau, Terrence Chi Kong
2011Virtual PianoChan, Tak Kei
22-Apr-2008Virtual Reference Service: an OverviewChan, Diana L. H. (陈丽霞); Hui, Clarice (许嘉盈)
10-Mar-2016Virtual Robotic ArtLaurenzo, Tomas
2016Virus Integration Detection: From Algorithm to ImplementationXu, Chang
21-Jan-2011Visual Communication and Advertising Design in ProgressCheung, Ming
2007Visual cryptography for multi-color LCD projectorsNG, Felix Yik Kwan