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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Pharmacology of dextran-conjugated doxorubicin in multidrug resistant KB cellsLam, Wing (林嶸)
2009Phase manipulation and its applications in microwave circuitsWong, Ka Wai (王嘉煒)
2010Phase transition drivers of withdrawing behaviour in construction project dispute negotiationChow, Pui Ting (鄒佩霆)
2011Phishing detection with computational techniques and human effortLiu, Gang ( 劉罡)
2010Phishing target detectionQiu, Bite (邱彼特)
2011A phonetic study of Fuzhou ChinesePeng, Gongguan ( 彭攻關)
2004A phonetic study of nasals and nasalization in Hong Kong CantoneseKhioe, Fung Wah (丘峰華)
2014A phonetic study of the nasals and vowel nasalization in standard ChineseLi, Jian (李儉)
2011A phonetic study of the sounds and tones in Xiangxiang ChineseZeng, Ting (曾婷)
2005A phonetic study of the vowels in Ningbo ChineseHu, Fang (胡方)
2009A phonetic study of the vowel system in Suzhou ChineseLing, Feng (凌鋒)
2006Photoemission studies of interface at organic and organic heterojunctionLau, Kit Ming (鈕潔明)
2004Photograph to painting transformationSo, Kan Hok
2010Photonic microwave frequency mixing using an optically injected semiconductor laserFu, Xuelei (傅雪蕾)
2007PhotoSurrealism : an object-based multi-projection camera modelTsui, Chi Wai Stephen (徐志偉)
2010PHP MVC FrameworkLam, Jung Yu
2012Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic placement based on rDNA, histone H4 and beta-tubulin genes of endophytic fungi isolated from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook FLeung, Fo Man (梁科文)
2014Phylogenetic tree reconciliation, haplotype assembly and blocked pattern matchingDeng, Fei (鄧飛)
2002Physical based 3D human facial animationSin, Wing Hung
2014Physiological and biochemical characterization of nutrient depleted spores of geobacillus stearothermophilusDong, Wei (董偉)

Showing results 3255 to 3274 of 4783 < previous   next >


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