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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Characterization of electrostatically actuated micromechanical devices based on Von Karman type geometric nonlinearityJia, Xiaoli ( 賈曉麗)
2009Characterization of high-dielectric constant gate dielectric materials for future CMOS technologySen, Banani
2006Characterization of kinesin superfamily4 (kif4) and kinesin superfamily7 (kif7) in teleost developmentHo, Nga Yu (何雅瑜)
2012Characterization of polymer dispersed liquid crystal for photonic device applicationsHassanein, Ghada Mohamed Nabil Ahmed
2003Characterization of polymeric channel waveguidesTung, Kwok Keung (董國强)
2014Characterization of the degradation behaviors of advanced light-emitting diodes used in solid-state lightingLiu, Jun (柳俊)
2013Charges on domestic wasteFong, Man Hang (方敏行); Li, Kam Fai (李錦暉); Li, Sze Ming (李斯銘); Leung, Ho Wing (梁浩榮); Wong, Chin Lun (王展麟); Zhang, Chia Ming (章嘉銘)
2013Charity fundraising strategies in Hong Kong : evaluation & developmentNg, Chui Yiu Jennifer (伍翠瑤)
2008Chemical cues and energy cost associated with the induction of anti-predatory responses in the green-lipped mussel perna viridisYang, Fung Yin (楊鳳燕)
2007A chemical logging systemLaw, Ka Ching
2006A chemical logging system (I)Poon, Kar Wai
2006Chemical reactivity of silicon nanowiresTsang, Alpha Chi Him (曾子謙)
1999Chemometric analyses of atmospheric precipitation in the WMO background air pollution monitoring networkLung, Fai (龍暉)
2005Chen Zilong ci ji ci lun yan jiuYeh, Selvia Chui (葉翠)
2005Childhood caregivers in moulding future mate selection criteria (case study in Hong Kong)Yim, Winnie Wan Chi
2007China and TRIPS : diversification of intellectual property laws after harmonizationJiang, Qinfeng (姜勤峰)
2007'China English' or native speaker based standard? : a study of college teachers' and students' perceptions of the ideal pedagogic model of college English in mainland ChinaHe, Deyuan (贺德远)
2014China is not actually a threat yet, but is a counterfactual threat to the U.S.’s global hegemony: a combined perspective of Nye’s soft power and offensive and defensive realism theories of international relationsLum, Tin Wan (藍天雲)
2012China's copyright reform for the digitized world : lessons and the prospectsDong, Hao (董皓)
1999China's strategy to counter international human rights pressures since 1989Wong, Kai-shing (黃啓成)

Showing results 627 to 646 of 5375 < previous   next >


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