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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010The early detection of mutated genes that can cause colorectal cancerChen, Yin (陳寅); Xu, Xiaoya (徐小雅); Zhang, Wenping (張文平)
2005Earnings management, audit opinion and auditor locationWang, Xinhan (王新漢)
2006Earnings management in anticipation of privatization of listed state-owned-enterprises in the Chinese marketDu, Jun (杜軍)
2007Earnings quality, information quality and investor protection : evidence from Chinese non-tradable shares reformShe, Zhongqiang (佘中強)
2015East Asian free trade area : what shapes the future and where is it going?Zheng, Yelu (鄭業鷺)
2015East Asian trough and its modulations on East Asian winter climateLeung, Yu Ting (梁宇霆)
2010An Easy and Quick Self-serving Shopping SystemChiu, Yuen Yau
2006E-banking with pocket PCLi, Chung Man
3-Jun-2008The E-Book conundrum: they don't know how to sell the stuff, and we don't know how to buy it!Douglas, Anne; Storey, Colin
2003eBook distribution systemNg, Kwok Wa
3-Jun-2008E-Book publishing and trendsHe, Scarlet Sijia
2014E-book Reader for the Blind and Visually ImpairedChu, Yik Hei
3-Jun-2008E-Books and echidnas: looking beyond the spinesWells, Andrew
3-Jun-2008E-Books: an editor’s viewO’Connor, Steve
2016An E-Book Viewer with Automatic Page Turning Controlled by Analyzing BrainwaveWang, Xi
2005Ecological risk assessment of oviparous wildlife from Hong Kong and southeastern coast of China due to environmental contaminantsLam, James Chung Wah (林忠華)
2005Ecological status and conservation value of soft shore habitats in Hong KongTai, Koon Keung (戴冠強)
2007The ecology and biology of amphioxus in Hong KongChen, Yan (陳彥)
2002Ecology of marine amphipods with special emphasis on its use as test organisms for assessing the toxicity of marine sedimentsLee, Fion Yin-king (李燕琼)
2014E-Commerce Collaborative Filtering System based on Cloud ComputingChan, Wai Ming

Showing results 1503 to 1522 of 5375 < previous   next >


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