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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Radical-Stroke Based Chinese Input Method for Android Smartphone and Tablet DevicesChan, Man Sze
2012Radical-stroke based Chinese input method for touchscreen devices (iOS)Ng, Kit Yee
2007Radio frequency identification for library : access controlYim, Kei Wai (嚴基偉)
2007Radio frequency identification for library: bookshelfLeung, Kwok Hin (梁國軒)
2006Radio frequency indentification for library (Check-in)Fok, Kin Hang
2006Radio frequency indentification for warehouseHo, Hung Kit
2008Radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design IILui, Chun Wing
2014Rainwater harvesting and technology: to investigate the application of rainwater reuse in makeup water of fresh water cooling tower system in Hong KongLiu, Jibo (劉繼波); Li, Ke (李珂); Chan, Tak Cheung Richard (陳德祥); Liu, Yi (劉毅)
2005Range query processingChow, Wing Hong
2014Ranged based localization by Classified Bat Algorithm via ZigbeeLam, Pak Him
2007Rate estimation for H.264 video coding standardLi, Alfred Tsz Ho
2004A rate-based scheduling algorithm for video streaming in Bluetooth piconetYip, Man Hong
22-Aug-2018Rater severity in self-and peer-evaluationChen, Hui Fang
2016RBF Network under imperfect situationYuen, Pui Shan
2016RBF networks with concurrent fault situationFung, Yan Yee
14-Aug-2015Re-imagining English through Collaborative Online Writing: Discovering Digital PedagogyKing, Brian Walter
2005Read-only transaction processing in broadcast environmentsTam, Wai Yee
2015Reading comprehension in Chinese adults: its relationships with reading strategies, motivation, anxiety and activities among Chinese adultsLeung, Lai Kuen Terrie (梁麗娟)
2015Reading problems and treatments with dyslexia - is it too late for remedy in adulthood?Wong, Ching Yee Sharon
2004Real time 3D computer game (characteristic, emotion and behavior simulation)Wong, Chi Leung